Workshop On: Enterprise Risk Management: The role of Internal Auditor & Emotional Intelligence for Internal Auditor

Event Date: 
23 Jan 2023 to 27 Jan 2023
Kingsway Hotel - Morogoro

ERM is not a process, a tool, a department, or a list of risks –it is how an organization makes better business decisions. COSO recently updated the ERM Framework with increased emphasis on recognition that risk management is fundamental for an organization to align its actions with its strategy.

 At the same time, ISO is nearly finished updating its standard 31000. With the advent of these two significant updates, it is time to reconsider the foundations of risk and risk management. Every organization is in the “risk management” business as managing risk is part of nearly everything an organization does.

This course unpacks the theory behind ERM with group activities and real-world scenarios to help you apply the concepts of risk management.

This course is designed for internal auditors who are involved and want to learn the ERM process, as well as managers and other professionals who deal with the complexities of ERM.

Emotional Intelligence for Internal Auditors: Understand and apply:

Have you ever encountered a “di­fficult person” while engaged in an audit? Do you wonder why your communications get through to some people but others seem to have heard a different message? Would you like to increase your ability to remain calm and professional under pressure?

Auditors need specific technical skills to be successful in their jobs, but that’s only half the picture. They need to be able to deal with all kinds of people also to build and maintain positive and productive relationships.

Course Objectives

•            Define enterprise risk management and the nature of risk.

•            Identify the relationship between enterprise risk management and strategy and objective setting.

•            Learn how to identify, assess, prioritize, and respond to risks.

•            Learn how to leverage information and technology to communicate risk information and report on risk and performance.

•            Understand the importance of board risk oversight, establishing operating structures, and defining a culture that aligns with enterprise risk management integration and strategy and business objectives.

•            Understand the importance of demonstrating commitment to core values and attracting, developing, and retaining capable Individuals in alignment with strategy and business objectives.

•            Identify methods for assessing changes, reviewing risk and performance, and improving enterprise risk management.

•            Understand the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Internal auditor judgement and performance

•            How can internal auditors improve their Emotional Intelligence

Certifications by the International Institute of Internal Auditors

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