Global Perspectives & Insights: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

A Growing Area

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, it was considered a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence (AI). Many compared it to the internet in terms of its potential to change and disrupt current business practices, regulations, and social norms.

ChatGPT and the rapidly emerging alternatives to it are examples of generative AI. Generative AI is powered by large language models, systems that are trained on enormous amounts of data from a variety of sources that are processed by a neural network modelled on the human brain to develop requested outputs. When prompted, it uses this training and algorithms to develop content — including text, images, videos, sounds, speech, and code — that resembles something a human might create.

While this specific system has received a tremendous amount of attention, it is only one example of the many tools that fall under the AI umbrella. AI is at the heart of every smart device that we use, and it also drives far more sophisticated applications that are transforming businesses. It is being put to work in business, government, health care, and many other fields to replicate human analysis and even decision making.

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