Sharpen Your View of Today’s Risks

Africa Risk in Focus: A strong wave of digitalization is helping to transform Africa’s economies and government systems, but it has also left organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and customers open to online and mobile scams.

For the first time worldwide, Risk in Focus provides practical, data-driven research to help internal auditors and their stakeholders understand the current risk landscape and prepare internal audit plans for years ahead.

Based on survey responses from more than 4,000 CAEs and directors in 111 countries/territories, 18 roundtables, and 40 in-depth interviews, these regional reports reveal the world’s highest risk areas and internal audit’s response.

This research represents an ambitious expansion of the European Institutes Research Group’s annual Risk in Focus report and provides the first ever global view of risks from an internal audit perspective.

Certifications by the Institute of Internal Auditors

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